Artwork by Ginger Greenblatt
Donna's baby quilt remake - side 1Donna's baby quilt remake.  Side 2.Donna using her quilt.Ada's graduation quiltMonitor pattern embroiderySquirrel Quiltpaper-pieced squirrel headSean & Stephanie - wedding quiltMary Ann's bandanasbandana quilt #1bandana quilt #2bandana quilt #3bandana quilt#4Mary Ann Rose quiltMary Ann on her quiltQuilt for Donna & AviSolomon's QuiltSolomon's I Spyquilt for Sue & Davequilt for Eva & Mike
My hobby of quilting for gifts started in 1977. My goals are that they be useful, comfortable, attractive, fun and FLAT. I use traditional designs or my own. I quilt them myself (that is, sandwich the three layers together) by tying, hand-quilting or by the awkward use of my own small sewing machine. I like the feeling of the hand-quilting best - and I don't pay much attention to the traditional art of making the stitches tiny, neat and uniform. I prefer cotton fabrics and battings. If possible to find, I use pinwale corduroy for the backing as it feels nice, adds warmth, looks good. I prewash and dry all layers so that the finished quilt won't shrink into a wonky shape...I wish I'd been doing that all along.