Artwork by Ginger Greenblatt
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The craft of making these bracelets is called CROCHETED BEADED ROPE. The beads are all strung on a 100-percent polyester thread and then crocheted in a small spiral. The ends are then woven together. It's very strong and a little stretchy and can be rolled right onto your wrist. Most of the beads are glass. I started making these in 2003 and still am not tired of it. The designing of the pattern around the spiral is a simple mathematical puzzle which reminds me of the fun of doing sudoku. However it feels more constructive as I have a nice gift for someone at the end of the game! I design and string the beads at home where I can concentrate and count carefully. Then I carry my little project with me to crochet in any free moment. Here are the bracelets I have at the moment and some other designs of interest which I will probable make again...maybe in other colors.